Cha reimagined.

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Grown in Japan, hand-made in Germany, designed in Singapore​

Our Cha is organically grown on rich, volcanic Kagoshima terroirs in Kyushu, Japan. It’s then granite-ground to perfection in Lower Saxony, Germany. TENCHA is the new gold standard for Cha.

japan matcha, german quality

An ultra-luxe world of Cha and Spa

A true luxury brand with wellbeing as its purpose.​

Uniquely connecting health and indulgence in a ritual  that is as desirable as it is guilt-free. We believe wellness is the future of the luxury sector, and we are building it.

Experience exceptional Cha:

Fertilised naturally by volcanic ash, our cha has a unique rich umami sweetness. Experiencing it reveals a purer truth of being, beyond the noise of the everyday world.


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